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19 June 2011 @ 03:04 pm
As you know pikatic made her indefinite hiatus known, and we don't know how long that may be either. I'm not sure about ittoki and dreyar either, since they seem to be inactive here as well. I just want to let you all know that I have not been active on livejournal for months, and with college and my own personal reasons, I won't even be here that long. So I am also going into a hiatus that may last until the end of the year, I'm not very sure. I have plans to leave stomatopod or take care of it depending on what the others have to say. I have had the honor of working along side these three wonderful people, and I know with time we drift away into our real lives, but I say this because who knows when I'll pop back in here again. I'll try my best to keep you all informed!
23 May 2011 @ 07:48 pm

Okay well, as most of you know, I'm pretty inactive in the community right now and that's pretty much because of school so I'll be going on an indefinite hiatus. Plus, I've been running dry on inspiration lately and haven't had the motivation to really icon anything so I really apologize to everyone who has been looking forward to an icon batch from me. orz (if there even was anyone looking forward to one. ;;)

I'll still be colouring every now and then and posting them up at laviere, so do check the community out! Until then!
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05 May 2011 @ 12:51 am

Looking for a fanfic contest, but can’t find one that focuses on KHR? Well then, we’re happy to say there is a new community just for that! The recently created community, write_and_run , will open officially on Saturday, May 7th.

Check it out to see if it's something that interests you enough to participate. Or perhaps you enjoy reading more? There will be plenty of great fics to read, so join up - or put us on watch! There's nothing wrong with a bit of community stalking (as long as you remember to read and review!)
05 May 2011 @ 12:04 am
「19」▪ fashion
「12」▪ sharon den adel
「32」▪ katekyo hitman reborn!
「08」▪ iiki no ki
「97」▪ misc.

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13 March 2011 @ 10:14 pm
pikatic's thread | vildher's thread

Hello, lovely watchers! As you all may have heard, Japan has recently been struck by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that has devastated the lives of many. As an effort to raise funds for the victims and people of the disaster, I, pikatic, and ittoki have contributed our efforts as icon-makers to this cause. Please have a look at the post linked in the text above and join in our efforts. Thank you!

*Click on image for complete version*
Program: Photoshop CS2+ & Imageready + SAI
Level: Advanced
Time: 5hrs
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Original: Here
Layers: 53
Comments: I personally love Shitt.P (Shittopi-chan~) no matter if she is from the Shimon family or not. I love her style, fashion and her personality! I decided to color this in because it's been sitting on my computer since the chapter came out. I ended up with a 'frost' theme because fuck Adelheid and her boobs, Shitt.P is the queen! I ended up deciding to erase and redraw out most of the panel, so we can all see the lovely girl! OMG she reminds me so much of Lady Gaga ^^; I colored this in while listening to 'Bionic Atomic' by Kaci Battaglia and it sounds so much like her! 

Do not use my artwork used for this coloring, for anything! You know the rules, don't use the coloring to make any type of graphic out of it, icons will be made later.
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