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GUYS sorry about changing the layout without asking!! (tinypic ruined the bg so)
if you want the old layout back just tell me, i'll change it back! ;x;
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final fantasy versus 13: default.
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Thought I'd make a little update for myself like how my fellow makers have: I'll be going on an indefinite hiatus as well from posting icons due to lack of motivation, inspiration and in a way time. I don't know how you'll react to this but I do think that without being inspired nor motivated to create, things just don't turn out right. I'm also thinking of dropping all icon requests, which is quite the bold act for me because I'd lose the trust of you, the watchers. I have tried making the icons but they didn't turn out great so I decided against posting them.

My sincerest apologies for acting so freely, but I do hope I have your understanding.
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Hey guys! Sorry for the dead stagnance that's been going on recently, but I haven't really been making much of anything (other than manga colorings) recently. My health recently went on a steep decline and the cause has not been identified, I know most of you are here for the graphics that the others make (isn't as good as mommy or her big sisters ;__;), but if you want me to post other stuff I can. You're free to use my manga colorings for graphics too, I'd actually be insanely flattered =w=
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Okay well, as most of you know, I'm pretty inactive in the community right now and that's pretty much because of school so I'll be going on an indefinite hiatus. Plus, I've been running dry on inspiration lately and haven't had the motivation to really icon anything so I really apologize to everyone who has been looking forward to an icon batch from me. orz (if there even was anyone looking forward to one. ;;)

I'll still be colouring every now and then and posting them up at laviere, so do check the community out! Until then!
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pikatic's thread | vildher's thread

Hello, lovely watchers! As you all may have heard, Japan has recently been struck by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that has devastated the lives of many. As an effort to raise funds for the victims and people of the disaster, I, pikatic, and ittoki have contributed our efforts as icon-makers to this cause. Please have a look at the post linked in the text above and join in our efforts. Thank you!
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♚ .016

Hello all! No, we aren't dead yet. least I hope so. I apologize for the lack of activity and the tons of incompleted requests that I have chalked up but I've been extremely busy these few months and it would probably take a while before I get to completing all of them. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. orz

Anyway, here's a little batch of 45 Durarara!! icons I've made for an icontest. Hope you guys like it! ♥

30 Durarara!! icons for shounenicontest's anniversary challenge
+ 15 variations

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